October 2020 Update

As you may remember, our plan (based on our Physical Gathering Strategy) was to re-open our BASECAMP Children’s program this coming Sunday, October 4th. Unfortunately, circumstances have prevented this from happening. First, we are still searching for a BASECAMP Director to lead this re-opening effort. (Please help us spread the word: BASECAMP Director Position) Second, churches are still under restrictions of 50 people or 1/3 room capacity, which makes family attendance and children’s volunteerism very difficult.

What’s the back-up plan?

Starting this past week, we created an overflow in our BASECAMP Children's Ministry area downstairs, displaying the Church At Home video package in the main room. This allows for (1) overflow when we reach 50 people in the auditorium and (2) space for parents to watch while their children play. (While maintaining social distancing as best as possible with young children.) Please keep in mind that this space reaches capacity at 25 adults and children, so we still have a 75 maximum capacity for our entire building. And it sounds like this restriction will continue for the remainder of 2020.

What will the future hold?

History can help us determine that. The Church has met in homes for millennia and perhaps, this is Christ’s plan for the coming season? For centuries Christians have known and stated the Biblical truth that the Church is the people, and not the building. Perhaps this our time to prove and live out what Scripture claims to be true? It might not be comfortable, because it is not what the majority of Canadian church attenders have practiced over the past century. However, if we're willing to take a chance, there is incredible potential to revitalize relationships, create community, and bring the Gospel into our neighbourhoods.

Does this mean the church building is closing?

No, we will continue to open the church building every Sunday at 9:30 and 11:00 AM for the first 50 people upstairs and 25 people downstairs to arrive. You are more than welcome to attend! We are simply asking you to consider how your bubble-group of friends and family members might form and host a Church At Home Group. If you haven’t done so already, why not register your home at Then consider who you might invite to join you each week.

Jeremy Norton

Lead Pastor, Mountainview Church

Stay Home, We Deliver

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