A 3-phase strategy to help you adjust back to
physical gatherings; your choice at your pace.

April 2019

Dear Mountainview Church,

Physical gathering restrictions will soon be loosened, and eventually lifted here in the Yukon. To some of you, this is exciting news, because you've been longing for physical community. To others, this brings nervousness, that a second wave of COVID-19 might be on the horizon.

According to Church Pulse Weekly, in cooperation with Barna Research Group, many people are still hesitant.

  • Only 1/3 people would be willing to resume public gatherings without precautions in place.
  • 30% said they would rather attend church in a home than attend publicly while wearing a mask.
  • 84% said they’d be willing to gather publicly at a different time to spread out the population.
  • Only 14% said they’d be comfortable with resuming public children and youth gatherings.

There's a possibility that physical gatherings may never return to the way they once were. On some level, there will be a remembrance of this moment; that the next flu virus could lead us back into increased social distancing, and possibly even back into self-isolation.

How should the Church respond?

The Church needs to be nimble when it comes to culture. In order to serve and reach people, the Church needs to position itself to ebb and flow with the cultural, environmental, and societal changes that come with life. And if we look back throughout history, the Church has survived through some of the most difficult circumstances. In fact, the Church has often thrived under these difficult circumstances.

Therefore, the Church should continue to ebb and flow within the difficulties that we face now. There is not a single decision, or specific policy, that will address what we're supposed to do next, or how we'll get it done. But we will do our best to take action steps as they come, while clinging to what the Church has clung to for over 2000 years.

We still have Jesus. And we still have His Gospel.

Mountainview Church will continue "To introduce, baptize, and teach people to follow Jesus." And we will continue "To be an authentic, vibrant church, serving and reaching our city." It might look different, and feel different for each person, but we're still going to drive toward that mission and vision.

The following is a 3-phase strategy to help you adjust back into physical church gatherings, with the ability to choose how, and where you gather, and at your own pace, on your timeline. Also, you'll have an introduction to some new Gospel initiatives that have presented themselves within the COVID-19 crisis.

One Final Note:

It's important to remember that these 3 phases are not absolute, and may shift back and forth, depending on instructions from Yukon's Chief Medical Officer, and Minister of Health and Social Services. (For example, if these officials suggest gatherings of 50 people move back down to gatherings of 10, we will immediately shift from Phase 2, back down to Phase 1.) This system will continue until the Chief Medical Officer and Minister of Health completely release all physcial gathering restrictions.

If you have any comments or questions, or you're feeling called to help our church prepare for reopening, please CLICK HERE to drop the Pastor-Elder Team a message.

Jeremy Norton,

Lead Pastor